LOGNOSTIC – Log Monitoring | Security Monitoring (SIEM) | System Monitoring | Risk Monitoring


Lognostic is an Anti-Fraud & Activity Event Management System bundled together with a real-time System Monitoring Solution, offering cross-channel and cross-product intelligent behavioral analysis to ensure risk control across the enterprise environment. The product is predominantly used in Banks, Large Manufacturing companies & Data centers where data transactions are huge.

Lognostic compiles the logs from various source systems and categorizes the severity based on patterns and present them in a single presentable dashboard, thus enabling the user to focus on the critical events saving valuable time & effort. The system also has a Compliance management system wherein straight-through tickets are automatically raised and assigned to the team. In a nutshell, Lognostic takes care of Log Monitoring, System monitoring, Security monitoring& Risk monitoring.


  1. Centralized Monitoring Tool
  2. Data Aggregation, Retention & Correlation
  3. Log accessible from multiple Sources
  4. Secured log availing to users without access to production systems
  5. Intuitive dashboards based on user types
  6. Works with NoSQL and any RDBMS
  7. Flexible full-text search, saved search filters
  8. User-defined alerts and triggering
  9. Straight-through tickets to CMS (Compliance)
  10. Auto scaling at Micro-services and Servers level


  1. Single solution for IT OPS / DEV OPS with post-facto, real-time monitoring & analysis
  2. 99% up-keeping time
  3. Reduced Trouble shooting time
  4. No Dependency from Dev Ops to IT Ops and no waiting time between them
  5. Deploy on-premise, private/public/hybrid-cloud
  6. 24/7/365 proactive support
  7. Fully hosted & managed solutions
  8. Security, regulatory & legislative compliance
  9. Deep and broad security protection


  1. Proactive network monitoring
  2. 100% protection of data assets
  3. Enhanced Reliability
  4. Improved Productivity
  5. Save time & effort – focus on critical issues
  6. Helps Speedy Decision Making in an efficient way
  7. Infra cost savings for auto balancing of Services and resources


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