IMLOG – Event Management System


Business lines and IT operations are continuously monitored in real-time with detailed alerts, reports and analysis of audit trails. iMLog is an Anti-Fraud & Activity Event Management system, which offers cross-channel and cross–product intelligent behavioral analysis to ensure risk control. With the flexible adapters that are created and bundled with this product, Banks can connect to any core banking system. iMLog protects from malicious activity like customer data/asset theft or illegal modification of banking records. iMLog can be installed by banks at a low implementation and maintenance cost on any platform.


  1. Centralized event monitoring and analysis
  2. Focus on only critical events
  3. AML solution for Temenos T24 Core Banking application
  4. Predefined / Customizable alerts
  5. Compliance Management Ticketing
  6. Easy Deployment


  1. Deploy on premises, fully hosted & managed solutions
  2. 24/7/365 proactive support
  3. Security, regulatory compliance


  1. 100% protection of data assets
  2. Enhanced Reliability
  3. Helps Speedy Decision Making in an efficient way


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