DAIS – Technology at work for you!

DAIS is an innovative highly scalable Java / JEE framework developed by Mavens i to answer the growing complexity of the IT field. Its centralized services allow users to perform complex tasks in an efficient manner quickly. Many real world use cases are expressible in this model. The implementation will allow users to optimize their solutions in terms of performances and scalability.

Services using DAIS are automatically executed in parallel with distributed clusters. DAIS is built on top of micro-services architecture. It’s distributed processing helps it to be competitive in the market yet reduce the complexity, costs and time consumption through coding optimizations.


  1. Abstracts all technology complexities and helps developers to focus on business logic
  2. Sensitive data encryption and decryption in data layer
  3. Transaction management support for MongoDB (NoSQL)
  4. Easy to develop enterprise/ end-user applications
  5. AngularJS / GWT based UI libraries for user interface development
  6. Auto REST APIs for external System Integration


  1. Scalable, secure and stable platform
  2. Auto scaling on commodity hardware
  3. Extending flexibility to define different licensing model for Biz App developed


  1. Quick to market using inbuilt features
  2. Less development cost
  3. Significant reduction on TCO
  4. Business process improvement using Process Data analysis
  5. Data processing engine for data analysis
  6. Structured/Unstructured data handling


  • client-1
  • client-2
  • SpongeBob Movie #2
  • Apple Computers
  • Google chat talk
  • G4TV channel
  • client-7
  • client-8
  • client-9
  • client-10
  • client-11
  • client-12
  • client-13
  • client-14
  • client-15
  • client-16
  • client-17
  • client-18
  • client-19
  • client-20
  • brinton
  • cipla



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