CompanionSFA for Pharma – Process | Productivity | Performance

CompanionSFA (Pharma) is a Sales Force Excellence Solution, which enables the optimization of Field Activities,Marketing Initiatives, encompassed with CRM cutting across various customer interactions. The growth of smart phones has influenced the need for innovative mobile based sales force automation which empowers the sales team to report on call-to-call basis and the management to get to know the real time activity status on the remote locations.

Companion is designed to transform the way you manage your customers. It’s faster, easier, effective and more productive. Go Digital Today.


  1. Target and Segmentation
  2. Interactive coverage Planning
  3. In Clinic effectiveness
  4. Mobility Activity reporting
  5. Automatic Sample Inventory
  6. Effortless Expense Tracking
  7. Controlled Event and Expense Tracking
  8. Insightful Prescription Intelligence through RCPA
  9. Continuous People management
  10. Communication and Collaboration
  11. Insight and Analytics
  12. Calendar Integration
  13. Minutes of the Meeting
  14. Interactive Digital Detailing with massive Digital Library
  15. Personalized Experience
  16. Responsive Improvement
  17. Auto reporting while detailing the product
  18. Medical Information
  19. Medical Services
  20. Self-Detailing Video
  21. Engagement initiatives
  22. Custom Built App


  1. Data Security
  2. Better Analysis than manual reports
  3. Enable the Sales Team work in more disciplined and structured way you want
  4. Work on the platform where everyone work together towards the common goal
  5. Get more than CRM , get a strategic partner
  6. Investment is on Innovation not on expensive infrastructure, SAAS Model
  7. Real-time data to review


  1. Managing the remote sales territories from one end.
  2. Managing opportunities and tracking competitors while keeping Customer Service improved
  3. Increases Revenue and Market share by efficiently managing Sale Orders at primary, secondary and tertiary levels
  4. Monitoring & Managing Sales Team from anywhere
  5. 80% of time is saved during implementation
  6. Upselling and cross-selling: The tougher the competition, more likely customer’s loyalty and company’s bottom line. This is why, you need to choose a CRM solution that can show you the history of your past customer orders which can then be mined to help you improve your prospects


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