CompanionSFA for FMCG – Process | Productivity | Performance


CompanionSFA-FMCG solution handles, automates and maintains your sales. There is a mechanism in place using which you can audit your daily field activities, organize sales order mechanism, marketing campaigns, manage payments, return of goods and special offers for your retailers or customers.


  1. Order Booking on the go
  2. Real time Location Tracking
  3. Automated CRM Customer Profiling
  4. Easy Sales Order Workflow
  5. Easy Shipping Process
  6. Sales Tracking
  7. Auto-replenishment
  8. Expense Management
  9. Document Management
  10. Account Management
  11. Work Flow Management
  12. Lead Management
  13. Schedule Meeting
  14. Minutes of the Meeting
  15. Online & Offline Mobility solution
  16. Comprehensive Business Analytics Dashboard
  17. Easy to integrate with any Distribution ERP solution


  1. Data Security
  2. Better Analysis than manual reports
  3. Enable the Sales Team work in more disciplined and structured way you want
  4. Work on the platform where everyone work together towards the common goal
  5. Get more than OMS, get a strategic partner
  6. Investment is on Innovation not on expensive infrastructure, SAAS Model
  7. Real-time data to review


  1. Seamless visibility on daily product movement including stock transfers, GRs or GIs
  2. Accurate information on sales, collections,sales returns across the distribution channel in real time
  3. Effective measurement of target vs achievement
  4. Reduced sales realization and processing time (shorter order to cash cycle)
  5. Streamlined sales returns and scheme settlement
  6. Empowers implementation of KPIs for measuring sales performance on various parameters (region, area, SKU, channel etc)
  7. An integrated platform brings C&F,distributors, retailers, merchandisers on a common platform for seamless sales information
  8. Improved market coverage


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